A Rarotongan Escape

Around the end of November and start of December I had my first trip out of the country again post covid lockdowns, I went there for a wedding initially but packed my days full of activities in and out of the water. However, on my 2nd day there I was able to go out free diving with the locals and got to experience where the turtle tours are done. While looking for unicorn fish and parrot fish to spear, I had my breath taken away by the local turtles.

This was the first time ever in my ocean expeditions that I have come across these marvellous creatures. The turtles here in Raro are essentially “rescue turtles”. All bred to be female at birth, they were eggs saved from where they could have potentially been at harm from humans or other animals as eggs.

From what started out to be spearo session, quickly turned into a turtle stalk and photo shoot. I started following these majestic creatures as they swam so gracefully and peacefully around us. Counting as many as 12-15 turtles, some resting on the bottom of the reef, some grazing away at kelp growing off the rocks. I spent nearly an hour watching the turtles and trying to get all their best angles and completely in awe of them.

The whole experience was one something I will not ever forget! Not enough could be spent watching these turtles in their habit and I certainly did not have the lung capacity of a turtle either to stay down long enough to truly enjoy and take in their true comfort.

If you ever end up going to Raro, I would highly recommend doing their Turtles tours! Always a treat and such a novelty

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