Canterbury Wreck diving with Auckland Scuba


We took our Dipsi students up for their wreck specialty instructor training to the HMNZS Canterbury. Before getting up to the Bay of Islands we first went to Long Bay Park to practice reel deployment and silt out drills.

We drove up to the Bay of Islands Holiday Park in the afternoon ready for the dives first thing the next morning. On the way out we had beautiful conditions and were out there in no time. With a little bit of swell at deep water cove we made our descent onto the Canterbury.


The students on their first dive had a look around the wreck  concentrating on staying off the wreck and staying with the instructor. Dive two, they began taking note of hazards and various entry points and had to navigate the wreck and make it back to the ascent line.

The next day they all had some practice setting lines and following them on the outside of the wreck with another good look around and now they notice various hazards. Then it was time for the good stuff!

Dive 4 of the wreck specialty instructor training we penetrate! Descending down the bow line and making their way towards the control center, only a buddy group at a time entered the bridge of the HMNZS Canterbury. Having a look at where the mighty ship was controlled from. It was all smiles after that on their way home.

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