Desirable Dive Buddies have many important qualities, of course there is the fun factor, but really the reason for a dive buddy is simple – Safety!

Finding the right person to share the adventure of diving with can make a huge

difference to your experience. Learning to be a good diver should include learning to

be a good buddy diver too, however too often it seems the more experience a diver

becomes, the more they forget some of the fundamentals of diving safely and

considerately with your dive buddy. Do you still remember to do a Buddy Check?

Dive your Plan and Plan your Dive? How about doing a dive brief and a debrief after

the dive?

One of the best ways to find a good dive buddy is to be a good one in the first place!

Another tip is to consider how they behaviour out of water, and you should get a

picture of what kind of dive buddy they will be!

PADI University Program Channel Islands Shoot March 24-29, 2007





Want to Meet a New Dive Buddies?

Joining onto a dive trip, or enrolling in a dive course are some of the best ways to meet a dive

buddy. Enquire with Dive HQ Christchurch for trips to Akaroa Peninsula, Motenau, as

well as the Solomons in 2018

PADI University Program Channel Islands Shoot March 24-29, 2007





The Best Buddies are:

Patient – Are they a patient person, or do they hurry through tasks and take short

cuts.  Will they wait for you if you have a problem or will they make you feel rushed?

Diving with someone who tells you to hurry up, can lead to stress and mistakes.

Aware – Are they aware of their environment and others? Will they be able to spot

dangers, or attractions and avoid getting lost?  Will they be aware of you, or will they

ignore you under the water and go into their own world!

Positive – What attitude do they bring to your dive? Are the positive and do they

enjoy diving, will they be enthused about similar things to you and want to share in

the enjoyment.

Good Communicators – Do they take the time to talk about the dive plan with

you, and plan who will lead, or will you dive side by side. Do you plan what you will

do if you lose each other?

Respectful – Are they are respectful person, to others and to their environment?  Or

do they only think of their own needs, and do as they please during a dive rather than

consider you and the surroundings.


Buddies to Beware of:

  • Buddies who wont do a buddy check!
  • Buddies that go down or surface without you!
  • Buddies that dont dive to plan.
  • Buddies that dont dive close to you
  • Buddies that get into underwater arguments!


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USA Tour








Why Bother with a Buddy?

Aside from the enjoyment of sharing the dive experience with someone, there are a

number of scenarios where you would count your lucky star fish that you have a

buddy to help, including:

  • Worst case – Out-of- air emergency
  • Low on air
  • Getting trapped in ropes/seaweed/net
  • Equipment failure
  • Illness or medical emergency
  • Getting caught in a current
  • Leg cramps
  • Getting lost
  • Feeling narked and making poor decisions
  • Feeling panicked



Lost your dive buddy while taking photos or spearfishing?

Had cramp in your leg while diving, but had no one to massage it for you?

Surfaced without your buddy?

Started a dive without doing a buddy check?

Spent a whole dive chasing your buddys fins just to keep up with them?

Forgotten to turn on your tank – clear sign of forgetting the buddy check!

Come to the surface after a dive and found only one of you saw lots of cool stuff while

the other missed it?

Had an underwater argument?

Felt that your buddy has put your safety at risk while diving?


Lets keep the Dive Buddy standard a high one and enjoy safe diving


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