Dive & Ski HQ Seaview Marina clean up with Keep NZ Beautiful and Project Aware

Sat 12 Sept 2015

Dive & Ski HQ Seaview Marina clean up with Keep NZ Beautiful and Project Aware.

9 AM: Te and I arrived at the shop with rain clouds looming!  Not a good sign, the harbour was looking like a pan you had just finished poaching 20 eggs in for breakfast!! ( White tops everywhere!! ).

Karl M 022 Karl M 016

The Temp felt not too bad until the hail came…..  Excellent……. Great for surface support crew.. not!

Seaview Marina, is located in the North East part of Wellington harbour, and is protected by a breakwater.  There are seven jetty’s and each jetty is about 100m in length.

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Liaising with Alan McLellan the Chief Exc of Seaveiw Marina we had the go ahead to be in the water from 11 AM till 12:30 PM. So with that sorted our hard core divers suited up, donned their catch bags and entered the water.. We Had surface support on each jetty the divers were cleaning up under,  putting rubbish the divers found into trolleys and checking for marine life.  I would just like to thank Alan and his team( Seaview Marina management )  for their support in today’s effort and we really appreciated the donation of sausages at the bbq after, and the availability of hot showers for those that wanted them. The little trolleys were invaluable as you can imagine the silt and clay mud in a marina is pretty Stinky!!!

So Drum roll Please………..Results are in……..

Nothing too unusual came out of the water today, there was an 18v Ryobi battery pack and someone had lost their wash down broom.

Plastic was on top of our list, that included plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic containers and buckets, followed by Ali Cans, glass bottles, a couple of plastic Mats, two tyres that were at some stage buffer blocks and a few meters of rope.  All in all 40 Kilos of rubbish was extracted from the jetty’s we covered.

I would just like to end on a personal note,

We are by no means the worst in the world for rubbish, but it is awesome if we can strive to be the best we can be and to try and change peoples attitude to discarding rubbish inappropriately here in NZ and world wide.  Our attitude needs to be kept in check because it is all too easy to let standards slide.  So I am proud to be associated with Project aware and Keep NZ beautiful, for me its not a once a year thing I like to put it into practice every time I dive.  Picking up one thing on my dive is one less thing in our Oceans, Keep up the good work people we do make a difference….


Regards Mark

PADI Divemaster

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