Diving into the sun – Post Lockdown

For many of us out over the last three years winter has been the time to bring the snow equipment out, watch Saturday sport, explore our local treasures or sit at home in-front of the fire eating a warm Sunday roast.

Many of us used to go diving and snorkelling in the warm tropical waters of the south pacific and follow the sun to some amazing dive destinations.

If you have never experienced diving in warmer water, it is fantastic! With 20 metres plus visibility and bath like water.

Since Covid-19 and not being able to travel I have been dreaming of going back overseas. One thing that the lockdowns have done is made me re-visit some of the many photos and videos from my last four trips that I have taken to The Solomon Islands twice, Vanuatu and Palau.

Now as we are starting to think about overseas travel and the world and New Zealand are starting to open their boarders again, we can now again start to look forward to overseas dive travel.

To get you all motivated for this again I thought we could reshare some of my favourite pictures.

The picture below is from Million Dollar Point in Santo, Vanuatu. This is a wreck off the shore. They were trying to selvage bulldozers dump into the ocean by the Americans after the second world war. It was moored up to the jetty with a bulldozer attached underwater. The crew stopped for lunch and when they came back the ship was sinking. This was because the tide came in and the bulldozer held one side of the ship under as the other side rose, causing it to roll and take water on.

Barracuda in the Solomon Islands. You have to love how they effortlessly swim into the current just cruising around. I had the opportunity to swim with a school of approximately 150 to 200 fish. Because I was diving on a rebreather, I was not making any noise with my breathing and not blowing bubbles. It was one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had.

As kiwi divers we always love finding crayfish. This one was hiding in a hole with some friends. Managed to get a nice photo of one who was trying to avoid my camera lens.

Everyone loves Clown Fish, and this is hiding in a sea anemone with it baby. I love the colours that the strobe on my camera brings out. This was during a Dive HQ Christchurch trip to the Solomon Islands.

Barracuda from Palau, again just relaxing and swimming in the current. The beauty about Palau is that anything at anytime can show up. You just need be ready for it.

So now all these dive sites are back open again. Let’s book your next trip with your local Dive HQ store.

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