Living a healthy lifestyle while scuba diving

Scuba diving is a world renowned sport one of which is known for being one of the most
relaxing yet fulfilling activities. Living and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle will have
many positive attributes that will improve your overall experience as a diver. Scuba diving
is all the motivation you need to stay physically fit and psychologically healthy.

Physical Fitness

Scuba diving is a work out, on average you’re carrying 17 kgs on your back plus your
weight belt. It is proven that within one hour of scuba diving you burn abound 500 calories,
that’s an equivalent to doing a full hour session at the gym. While you’re enjoying the
marine life and all the other wonders the ocean provides you’re also effortlessly training and
working out your core, back muscles and glutes as well as increasing your stamina -all from
the one activity!


Our psychological wellbeing is influenced by our sense of purpose in life, whether it is
marine conservation, adventure and exploration or meditation. Our aim in teaching scuba
diving is to push people to develop and discover new skill sets that could help in different
aspects of your life. As you know, one of the most important things with diving is to keep
your breathing under control, maintaining a deep and slow breathing pattern will ensure a
calm and relaxing state of mind, which then will increase your oxygen intake, which
stimulates circulation, raises energy levels and benefits heart and lung functions. Scuba
diving is a very social activity, finding other people who also share your love and passion
for the ocean can create beautiful and long term relationships. You’re constantly in and out
of the water, getting bathed in the sun throughout, which in itself is a huge benefit. The
sunshine supplies the body with vitamin D, increased endorphin and drops blood pressure.
Vitamin D has many benefits, from strengthening bones to how well you recover from

Like any physical sport, staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet contributes to your
whole diving experience. Drink a lot of water, don’t underestimate the risk of dehydration.
Not only does it increase your chances of decompression sickness it can cause cramps and
fatigue. We all love ourselves some pizza from time to time but a healthy eating habit
ensures higher energy levels and a reduced chance of fatigue.

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