My Journey to becoming a Dive Master

I’m going to call 17th October the Trifecta Tuesday!!

1: I officially became a Dive Master

2: I dived my 100th dive

3: I got to do my 100th dive using a DPV!!!! And what made the day even better was that it was my  2 younger sisters birthdays.  How freaky weird is that!

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That day had all the signs of being a great day.  Did an awesome first dive with Simon and Devan so that he could get his Wreck Unit standard sorted, beautiful weather, warm water…(well …not warm, but not freezing). First dive of the day done and dusted.  Time to get this 100th dive done and done in style!!  ON A DPV!!!! Such a buzz, nil effort finning hahahahaaa and actually surprised me that we traveled a big distance. The best day ever!!!  Thanks heaps Simon.  You’re a LEGEND!!!!



 It’s definitely been a long hard road to becoming a Dive Master.  Lots of theory that has tested me (as I have a habit of overthinking EVERYTHING), lots of skill practise, after hours classes, weekend dives, evening pool sessions, numerous dive briefs, night dives, lots of presentations and unit standard upon unit standard.

I remember my first pool session with Simon and then my actual first experience in the ocean with Tomo.
I was thinking “What the hell have I got myself into?”  But I stuck it out and here I am!!

 A big shout out to the Instructors Simon, Tommo, Jack, Jake, Ingrid, Paddy and especially Claire. Thanks for being super patient and trusting me. Many thanks to all the club divers who have been guinea pigs for me to practice on…you know who you are…there’s too many to name!! Much appreciated for the trust you put in me.

 So Dive Master done…next step Instructor!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

Gee – Dive HQ Wellington

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